Sunday 31st May
Here is this week's message from Scott.

Friday 29th May
Our series of Lockdown Diary entries continues;  this week's contribution is from 
Chris Angwin

Monday 25th May
Click here for Monday Club TV. This week one of the leaders get soaked....I wonder who it'll be?!

Sunday 24th May
Here is this week's message from Scott.

Friday 22nd May
In our midweek newsletter we've had a series called "lockdown diaries" where people share about what they are doing during this time. We thought we would record some of them as YouTube videos. To start with, here is 
Moira McCarrell's diary.

Monday 18th May
This week's Monday Club TV is 
here. Also this week, we've produced a wee video on thankfulness. Do you know some of the faces in this?

Sunday 17th May
Hope you've had a good week. 
Click here for this week's message from Scott.

Monday 11th May
This week's episode of Monday Club TV can be viewed 

We have put together activity bags based around the story of Noah and offered them to Monday Club and Our Space families. If you're in the area and your child would like one (even if they don't come to anything in the church) then e-mail Anne.

craft bags

Sunday 10th May
Click here for today's message from Scott.

Monday 3rd May
Here's this wee
k's Monday Club TV. Thanks to all the young people involved in putting it together.

Sunday 3rd May
Today's message from Scott.

Monday 27th April
It's Monday again, so time for Monday Club! 
Click here to view Monday Club TV.

Sunday 26th April
Click here for this week's message from Scott.

Monday 20th April
This would have been the first week back of Monday Club after the school holidays. Obviously we're not meeting this term, so instead enjoy 
Monday Club TV!

Sunday 19th April
This week's message from Scott has the intriguing title "Who we are and who we "R nought".

ceWhat is the purpose of life? What is God like? Who is Jesus? Why is the world so troubled and does God have a plan? How can we even know the answers to these questions?

Perhaps questions like these and others have been on your mind? Perhaps the current crisis has brought them into sharp focus or maybe for some time you have felt drawn to find out more about the Christian faith and what it means to be a Christian?

Would you be keen to join others in a once a week online Christianity Explored course, where we will explore the key elements of the Christian faith?

The course would start within the next week or so and run for approximately 7 weeks. This will be a time that is convenient to all involved, and would be a good opportunity to ask questions and find out more in an informal way.

If you would like to register your interest or find out more please contact Scott or Anne.

Monday 13th April
Congratulations to the winners of our Easter egg decorating competition! 

p1-3 winner: Eilidh  runner-up: Lacey

p1-3 winnerp1-3 runner up

p4-7 winner: Paige  runner-up: Jayden

p4-7 Winnerp4-7 runner-up

Sunday 12th April
Happy Easter! Our Easter Sunday message is 

Saturday 11th April
The last of our midweek reflections looks at the in between day of Easter Saturday. 
Click here to listen.

Friday 10th April
It's Good Friday today, and as Christians we're remembering Jesus' death on the cross. Scott shares a reflection on what this means: 
click here.

Thursday 9th April
Today John Tallach shares some thoughts on Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, the night before he died. 
Click here to listen to this.

Wednesday 8th April
Today's thought looks at Luke Chapter 22 verses 14 to 21. 
Click here.

Tuesday 7th April
Today's Holy Week thought is from Moira McCarrell. 
Click here to listen to it.

Monday 6th April
This is Holy Week, the week leading up to Easter. To remind us of this and help us reflect, each day this week people from the congregation will share a short thought. 
Click here to see today's.

Sunday 5th April
Today is Palm Sunday. This week's message from Scott is 

Sunday 29th March
Click here for this week's video message from Scott.

Sunday 22nd March
Today is the first Sunday that we haven't been able to gather as church. But that doesn't stop us being church, and we'll find new ways of keeping in contact. We have a new Youtube channel, and Scott has uploaded some messages for today.